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    Guide to make money, I try it my self and got 10T overnight!


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    Guide to make money, I try it my self and got 10T overnight!

    Post by GMaster on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:52 am

    Ok, maybe all of you came here to to read because of those 10T, well it's true and work. But how came it can be 10T overnight?
    My key is "Hardwork"

    let me tell you what to do :
    1. Collect as many as you can of MC6, I myself go to Gizumon area to buy from people MC6 6m each, I stock it until 150 or less, depend on your money and time( you wil see why time).
    2. Ask your friend to do carding with you, or else join someone party. If you with your friend and still have some slot, you can also sell those evo drop from card 150-250m, usually 20m in levia. Oh I forget, this price in leviamon.
    3. If your MC 6 drop epic boss, dont open it. if drop Vike/Hiandro/XT, open it. Main goal is to collect as many of Epic boss(Diablomon, TigerVespamon, and Cherubimon).
    4. Do carding until all left is epic boss card. Next thing is to sell it using personal shop. here is the price list

    Top egg(Blue one) : in leviamon normal price is 70m, so I sell it 65m
    Magic egg(purple one) : normal 130m, I sell 120-125m
    Rare egg(red one) : normal 220-240m, I sell 230m
    Diablomon boss :Normal 185m,sell it 185m
    TigerVespamon boss : normal 220m, sell it 220m
    Cherubimon boss : 235-240m
    Chicken combo : 2m-3m at max, I sell 2.5m, sometimes desperate tamer buy it with high price
    Drop evolutor(optional) : 150-250m
    Digicore : 28-32m each, I sell 28m

    let's try imagine the result:

    with 150 MC6., you can get 800-1200 chicken, we take the lowest one 800*2.5m= 2T
    You can get 18 top egg to 25 or even higher, take 18*65m = 1T 170m
    You can get 10-20magic egg, or even higher, take 10*125m = 1T 250m
    You can get 5-10 rare egg, or even higher, take 5*220m = 1T 110m
    You can get 8-12 diablomon, or even higher, take 8*185m = 1T 480m
    You can get 6-10 TigerVespamon, or even higher, take 6*220m = 1T 320m
    Cherubimon is rare occasion drop from card.. so 2-3, take 2*235m = 470m
    You can get about 40-60 core, take 40*28m = 1T120m
    Money from coin is also good, dont underestimate it, sometime get 600m or more =600m
    sum it up you got 10T 500m. wow!! so including your money to buy card and vitamin/disk, you get 9T profit!
    If you try to sell it with higher price, just be patient..

    by : piatoraya

      Current date/time is Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:34 am