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    Data Farming places and locations


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    Data Farming places and locations Empty Data Farming places and locations

    Post by GMaster on Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:32 am

    Credit to : [Only admins are allowed to see this link] ... ming-areas
    Guide for farming data these are Barbamon server prices am not a market master though so some i might be inaccurate :p
    I will be writing for locations of these digimon when GDMO is back up so just wait a bit, just coming out of memory
    Thanks. I might be writing a mercenary egg location list soon in the same thread
    Also things with questions mark i need a bit of help on
    Credits to user who gave info!: Piatotoraya, Blankton
    Dragon DATA: around 1-3m
    Koromon Level Range(1-17) (Don't drop often) Location: wood bench park
    Greymon Level Range(14-23) Mercenary Agumon Location: Western area East
    MetalGreymon Level Range(25-39)Mercenary Agumon Location: Ruined Historic
    Coredramon Level Range(35-46) Green/Blue Mercenary Dracomon (Better to farm hellmetal) Location: Western Area West
    HellMetalGreymon Level Range(41-51)Mercenary Agumon Location: Western Area West
    DarkVeemon Level Range(55-65)Exveemon/Veedramon eggs (BEST PLACE!!)Location: Darktower
    Digimon Maze Entrance Ginryumon Or Hisharyuumon Level range (???) Merc Ryuudamon

    Beast DATA: Selling prices are usually 2+m
    Kiwimon Level Range(11-20)Kiwimon Mercenary (Don't drop alot of data) Location: Western area outskirts
    Dobermon Level Range(11-22) Dobermon mercenary (Better then kiwimon and Dobermon merc eggs sell for higher demand) Location: Western Area East
    Boarmon Level Range(20-30) Pretty good place for grinding digis and getting a bit of bonus beast data (NO MERC) <-- bad part Location: Wilderness Area
    Garurumon Level Range(25-33)Mercenary Gabumon (Best carding digimon alrite data) Location: Ruined Historic
    Leomon Level Range(Varies)Mercenary Elecmon (ehh not the best) Location: Ruined Historic, Western area East, Western area outskirts, etc
    Vikalaramon Level Range(31-41) Really good place for grinding and beast data No merc sadly Location: Oil refinery 3
    Saberleomon Level Range(31-46)[Merc] Great exp, Great digimon, Great drops, MERC ELECMON Location: Oil refinery 3
    Mammothmon Level Range(36-46) Shamonmon not released in GDMO (NO MERC) i find beast drop more from mammoth then saber Location: Snowman village
    Cerberumon Level Range (???) Merc doggymon + Dobermon? Location : Digimon Maze (Confirmation needed)
    Bearmon Level range (???) merc bearmon Location: Digimon Maze floor 1
    Monster Cards level 2 and 3 level 2 levels 11-20 level 3 = 21030 If you can kill fast it adds up!

    Bird Data One of the hardest data to get selling prices 1-5m (VARIES)
    Birdramon Level Range(11-21)Biyomon merc egg but horrible data Location: Western Area Outskirts
    Garudamon Level Range(29-39) One of the better places Merc biyomon Location: Ruined Historic
    Aquilamon Level Range(29-39) Better then Garudamon Merc Hawkmon Location: Ruined Historic
    Sinduramon Level Range(31-42) Merc Kiwimon (I think) Best place Location: Oil refinery 2

    Rock Data: 300-1.2m??
    Gotsumon Level Range(5-16)Merc Gotsu OK data not the best though for its level Location: Wood bench trail i think?
    Rockmon Level Range(15-25) Not that much NO merc ok exp Location: Western Area East
    Icemon Level Range(21-30) Merc Gotsu hard to kill due to natural tankiness not that good Location: Wind Valley
    Meteormon Level Range(31-40)Merc Gotsu same has icemon Location: Oil refinery 3
    PileVolcamon Level Range(41-55) NO MERC one of the better places for rock data Location: Western Area: West
    Gizumon AT Level Range(46+, depends on F2) Best monster to get Rock Data from! Best data only a certain amount of digimon can kill him at 46 like Agumon and Gabumon, there are some others but idk them Location: Infinite Icewall
    Megadramon Level ranged (30-38) Merc Mechanorimon really good digimon Drop ok data Drops GIZUMON AT cards and also lots of merc eggs ( Good for money i guess) Location: Ruined Historic
    Rockmon Level range (???) No merc Location : Digimon Maze
    Vilcamon Level range (???) No Merc Location : Digimon Maze
    Pilevolcamon Level Range (???) No Merc Location Digimon Maze
    Cannonbeemon Level range (???) Merc Fanbeemon? Location : Digimon Maze
    Gotsumon Level Range (???) Merc Gotsumon Location : Digimon Maze floor 1
    Need help on those 5 and i think cannonbeemon is insectoid?

    Devil Data: ehh not to sure about pricing here but 700-1.5m??
    Impmon Level Range(6-15)Merc Impmon Good digimon when it gets its mega good for lower level farming Location: Western village
    Devimon Level Range(16-25) Merc i think is bakemon (NOT TO SURE) Ok data Location: Wilderness Area
    IceDevimon Level Range(25-31) Merc Impmon Better then the rest at this level Location: Wind valley
    SkullSatamon Level Range(25-36)Merc Impmon Really good for grinding levels for vaccine Location: Oil refinery 1 or 2 am pretty sure 1
    NeoDevimon Level Range(31-46) Location: Oil refinery 3
    Darkbakemon Level Range (???) Drops soulmon eggs and Bakemon eggs Not to sure about data drops Location: Dark tower
    DevilGoblimon??? Level range (???) Goblimon egg? (Need confirmation) location: Digimon maze floor 1
    Keramon Level Range (???) Keramon egg Location : Digimon maze floor 1
    Bakemon Level range (???) Bakemon egg soulmon egg Location: Digimon Maze floor 1

    Insect Data: varies around 1m
    Kunemon/Dokunemon Level range (5-9)?? Drops Dokunemon and Kunemon merc not too good data but the merc is there for low levels if you want them. Location: Wood bench park i think
    Flymon Level Range(8-18)Merc Kunemon Not that good data Location: Western Area Outskirts
    Stingmon Level Range(16-25) Wormmon Merc pretty decent exp grinding and data + merc Location: Wilderness Area
    Okuwamon Level Range(39-46) They are ok NO MERC THOUGH Location: Western Area West
    Darkwormmon Level Range(41-49) Not to sure about wormmon egg drop here never got one ._> but i think they do REALLY GOOD PLACE Location: Dark Tower
    Wormmon Level Range (???) Location: Digimon maze Floor 1

    Fire Data: ??? Rare data don't see in market often
    Demimeramon (5-Cool?? Merc egg demimeramon best for like level 5's lol Location: Wood bench park or small forest park
    Candlemon Level Range (15-20) NOT TO SURE ABOUT LEVEL RANGE, merc candlemon horribad data though Location: Western village
    Skullmeramon Level Range(46-58)Merc demimeramon Best place for fire data considering there aren't too many Location: Dark tower
    Candlemon Level range (???) Merc candlemon Location: Digimon Maze floor 1

    Aqua Data:3-6m
    Betamon Level Range(4-15) Merc drop not available yet in GDMO if your low level and want data, ehh ok Location: Wood bench park
    Seadramon Level Range(39-50) Merc drop not yet available in GDMO Best data considering not to many Location: Snowman village
    Vikemon Level Range (64-69) Merc Armadillomon? High level place he is vaccine! Good drops! Location: Distorted Data village
    Seadramon Level range (???) Never been to maze so i can't say! Location: Digimon Maze floor 2 room 4

    Ill try to find more places to get data and good for farming.
    Hope i helped and leave a thanks if anything helped Razz

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