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    Monster Card's Monster Empty Monster Card's Monster

    Post by GMaster on Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:52 am

    Here some list of the Digimon that can appear from a monster card
    Primary= the "main" or "the must appear" digimon from the card
    Secondary= the random digimon that might appear from the card
    Timeline= the list of digimon that will disappear start from the earliest to the last
    symbols : ">"faster than "|"almost the same as"

    MC lv 1
    Secondary:- ? Biyomon, Tanemon,Gabumon<<from what i remember>>
    Timeline :- ?
    Note : due to lack information to this card(i only ever open this card twice)i cant give you lots of information

    MC lv 2
    Primary :Leomonx3
    Secondary: Garurumonx3, Starmonx2, Devimon Bossx1,Growlmon Bossx1
    Timeline : Garurumon>Leomon|Starmon>DevimonBoss|Growlmon
    recommended digi: Data /vaccine, fire attribute
    Note : Mc 2 is good to farm Beast data

    MC lv 3
    Primary : Weregarurumonx2
    Secondary: Monzaemonx3, Warumonzaemonx2, Superstarmon bossx1, Wargrowlmon bossx1
    Timeline : Warumonzaemon|Monzaemon>WereGarurumon|Superstarmon Boss|Wargrowlmon Boss
    recommended digi: Data/Vaccine digimon,light attribute
    Note : Another Alternate to farm Beast Data

    MC lv 4
    Primary :Skullgreymonx3
    Secondary :Slyphmonx2, Volcamonx2, JewelBeemonx2, Cherrymonx3
    Timeline :Slyphmon|Cherrymon>Volcamon|JewelBeemon>Skullgreymon
    recommended digi: Vaccine/Virus digimon,light atribute
    Note: somewhat good to get mysterious egg

    MC lv 5
    Primary : Garudamonx3
    Secondary: Infermonx2, Megadramonx2, Metaletemonx2, Metaletemon Bossx1
    Timeline : Infermon|Megadramon>Garudamon>Metaletemon Boss|Metaletemon
    recommended digi: Vaccine digimon,fire attribute
    Note : this card is core mine :mrgreen:

    MC lv6
    Primary : Vikemonx2
    Secondary : Metalgarurumonx3, Saberleomonx2, Gryphomonx1, Hiandromonx2
    Timeline: Gryphomon>MetalGarurumon|Saberleomon>Hiandromon|Vikemon
    recommended digi: Data digimon,ice attribute
    Note : best card if u in need of evoluter

    if u want to correct something or adding somethin dont be shy to post it here

    by : blankon

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